Realistic style is about precision and working with shades. Important are the contrasts that give tattoo the depth. I like realistic tattoos and I would like to do a tattoo of your pet, animal or favorite flower.

Abstract and colors

I particularly like on abstract art its freedom and playfulness. I like combining the abstract theme with colors. Creating aquarelle (spilled stains and color splashes randomness) by mixing and thinning colors is interesting to me and I still enjoy trying different color combinations.


Mandala principles (its perfection, geometry and circular shape) are present in many common things. We can find them in nature (flowers, snowflakes, tree rings) that is why I like combining mandalas with flowers or even a lace, where I alternate fine lines with strong ones which adds the dynamics to the mandala.


It's interesting how Maori tattoo works on the body (how smoothly the straight lines can adapt to the movement). Maori is a longer run and it is interesting to see how it evolves from the first to the final session.

Maori is technically and hence even time-consuming tattoo. On average (depending on the size of the tattoo and the size of the model) it takes 7 sessions over 3-4 hours.