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Frequently asked questions


After completion, your tattooer will treat your new tattoo with antiseptic spray and wrap it in a special foil designated for these purposes. You can left the tattoo film on your skin for up to 2 days. This tattoo film protects tattoo against dirt from around the area and does not make such a big scab, which will speed up the healing period. After removing the foil, wash the new tattoo with antibacterial soap and dry. Tattoos do not need to be lubricated, skin will easily handle the scab itself, but if you want to lubricate it, use Bepanthen Plus (you can buy in every pharmacy) and scratch a maximum of 2 times a day with a thin layer. Under the film, the tattoo should remain dry if the plasma starts to appear - transparent or tattoo-colored light liquid, leave the foil before and allow the tattoos to breathe.


Tattoos are healed for about a week. Approximately after 3 days, it should be disguised, do not scrape the scars and let them spontaneously fall off. If you scratch your scabbards, you could tear them off. It is normal that the tattoo is itchy during the healing, it may sore up to a month after healing. So it takes a long time for tattoo pigments to mix with your pigments and so it is possible to fix the tattoo after one month after healing.

New tattoo and water

Wash the tattoo at home carefully before the first scabs fall out, we recommend limiting contact with water, i.e. rather take a shower than a bath so that the cloves do not become wet in the water. Do not go to the pool or pond with a new tattoo, there is a possible risk of infection. You can bathe anywhere in about a week after all the scabs fall off.

New tattoo and sport

You can do sports. Sweat does not harm your new tattoo. Protect your new tattoo from dirt only while doing sport. 

Tattoos and pets

Keep an eye on the animals, even though they are at home and clean, they still have paws and are a potential source of infection. This does not mean that you have to avoid them, but do not cuddle them in your arms if the tattoo is just on the forearm.

Tattoos and swelling

It is possible that your tattoo may become swollen when it is finished (this happens mainly on your feet), but the swelling is about to disappear until the day, do not lie new tattoos, swelling will disappear itself after the skin has calmed down.


If the swelling does not go away and the tattoo is red after 3 days and hot to the touch, you may have gotten some dirt and tattoo inflammation, in which case you buy Betadine (brown tincture, not cream) at the pharmacy and apply 3-4 times per day. If you're using Betadine, don't use anything else. Tattoos should begin to heal normally within about 3 days.

Tattoo Corrections

If your tattoo falls out of color or it is necessary to revive the color somewhere, contact your tattoo artist who will order you for correction (except for the hands and places where you have been notified is included in the price of the tattoo). Correction can be made at least one month after the healing of the tattoo. After about a month, a maximum of two, the tattoo is completely healed and so it will remain a lifetime - the color saturation is determined by your pigment (but we use the highest quality colors that have excellent saturation). If you don't know what to do with anything, call.

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